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Our history

Founded in 1996, the Secchi Agrícola company sold fruits produced by third parties in the São Francisco Valley region to the domestic market.

In later years, the company acquired rural properties in the region and began producing mangoes and grapes through irrigated agriculture.

With an entrepreneurial vision of its partners, in 2001 Secchi Agrícola recognized new business and growth opportunities

And expanded its sales to markets outside of Brazil, such as the United States and Europe.

In 2010, Secchi began expanding its cultivation areas and simultaneously acquiring farms for its own production.

That same year Sweet Fruits Portugal was created, in association with Portuguese partners with extensive experience in the distribution of fruits to retail chains in the European market.
At that time, the Secchi-Sweet Group was created, adding value to the already existing business model., The vertical integration sought by shareholders was achieved; collectively accomplishing production (growing areas), processing (packing house), marketing (Secchi) and distribution (Sweet Fruits - Portugal).

In 2011, with the growth of fruit sales in the domestic market, it was necessary to expand the local distribution capacity. Secchi-Sweet Group decided to establish a presence in the largest commercial warehouse of agricultural products in Latin America, CEAGESP.

Thus, two new companies were formed. Currently, the Sweet Fruits Group is made up of: Sweetfruits Brasil (3 packing houses and 1,200 ha of production), Sweetfruits Portugal (warehouse with ripening chambers), a commercial office in Holland, and a commercial office in Spain. The Sweet Fruits Group now has over 1,300 employees.

From the São Francisco Valley, to the world

Produce, process and commercialize fruits from irrigated agriculture, whose high quality is valued by the final consumer in Brazil and abroad, effectively contributing to the economic and social transformation of the São Francisco Valley.



Our team, our strength

To be a company that is differentiated by the work of committed and motivated collaborators with common commercial values and philosophies, and by the customer's recognition of the high quality of its products.